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Welcome to the renewed website of Helioenergy.

Our company was founded by Stelios Binopoulos in 1992 with the aim of trading consumer products and in 1998 it evolved into a construction and investment company in the real estate sector. During the last decade it has constructed and developed properties in Northern Greece and since 2007 it has expanded into the energy sector with the construction and operation of renewable energy power plants.

To date, it has built and operates 5 owner-operated PV plants and three new production units are under construction. At the same time, it builds PV roofs and private plants, trades PV panels, electrical inverters, aluminium bases and has delivered more than 60 PV plants and roofs in the wider region of Northern Greece.

Possessing construction and energy knowledge, our company has expanded in the tourism sector as it has three accommodations in various regions of Northern Greece. Our company's goal in tourism is the construction and investment design of state-of-the-art accommodation, as well as the implementation of electrically independent and green solutions.

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